3 tips to help your architecture company to grow


Running a real estate business or architecture firm is not simple; it takes countless hours and years of hard work, careful planning, and passion to build a firm, which can grow sustainably. Welcoming new projects while handling the daily activities of a firm will need a solid blend of talent, team effort, best practices and a great industry plan. You need to be smart to scale up in this architectural business gaining technical knowledge, business understanding, and management skills.

Getting paid on time, dealing with long hours of working environment can be hard to deal with. 

Roles and responsibilities for managing an entity 

Apart from being the owner of the firm, you will also have to count on all other roles of the work model, until you are in a place to employ qualified human resources, marketing professionals, accountants, and other expert architects. Until you have got the loan or credit, your entity will likely to set off with few people.   

Building a strategic plan for business

Even though you being an expect architect, you may not fully understand the other parts of the business. Take out a sheet and start penning down the plan for your business. List out everything on what you need in the business and how do you want to manage it and what kind of projects you want to take up and how are you planning to manage your finance. The plan should also consist of potential client’s list, marketing strategies, as well expanding the company’s outreach. You need to be flexible to make changes constantly to strive in this architectural business. 

Combating with long hour work culture 

Thanks to the competitive world we live in, you need to always push yourself beyond the boundaries to stay ahead of the curve. It’s said that almost 50% of the architecture project comes through competition and you may constantly work in an intense period, running against the clock. You need to also ensure that your employees’ enthusiasm isn’t disturbed.  You may have to offer them flexible work hours so that there is no compromise made in terms of twenty-first century architectural design.

Keep track on your expenditure and contact mentors or guides who can help you when you’re in confusion.  Build a relationship with reputed companies, such as Stendel + Reich architecture form that has a strong network of architects and real estate consultants who has been delivering distinguished projects over the past few years.



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