3 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Stylish and Modern At the Same Time

Most of the homeowners have a dream to have a huge and spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower, two sinks and the aesthetic fittings. No matter if it is your dream or not, know that you can still achieve this by paying heed to the tips below for making your bathroom look stylish, modern, and functional. It ranges from carefully choosing a color and essential fixtures to tweaking something smartly. These tips will also help in making your bathroom look spacious. If your bathroom doesn’t relax you, then maybe it’s time you should remodel it with a unique look. Although, they are the smallest rooms, but when you make it functional, it becomes the best space to relax at. Today, aesthetics are as important as the functions. Hence, everything needs to be considered when remodeling a bathroom. Here are the tips to follow when doing the same.

  1. Dimensional tiles

It is not about the patterns or colors of the Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles, it goes with shapes as well. Modern trends for your bathroom may change from rectangle to other geometric shapes like hexagonal, floral and a lot more. To step up the game, various colors and patterns are used and used in the entire space. You can also use the geometric shapes on the walls or the entire flooring to set the tone for the bathroom. You can also create an accent room for bolder looks. If you have a small bathroom, you can decorate the wall with neutral colors.

  1. Textural finish

You can experiment with variation, color depth, and surface interest in your bathroom by making the use of textured field file. Textures can be subtle or pronounced, which can be determined on the material being used, finish being applied and the color chosen. 3d tiles or textured tiles are also in the trends today. This very category is available in a lot of sizes, shapes and styles that can all be integrated into one space. These types of tiles can build new focal points in the home with the help of distinctive tile pieces and applications. Elegance is not just limited to the living room anymore. You can you’re your bathroom pop out with the 3d texture tiles.

  1. Put up a mirror to make your bathroom look bigger

A statement mirror will make your space look bigger and add personality as well. Select which one suits your bathroom. The reflection says it all. You can hang the mirror with a chunky strap from a thick hook for a dramatic look. You can also go for a thickly framed hanging mirror or paint it in a color you want or add a gold leaf for a dramatic look.

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