5 Best Kid’s Mattress Accessories in Toronto 

As a responsible parent, it’s natural for you to want to give the best to your child or children and ensure that they grow up happy and healthy. Although there is a lot of literature about children’s sleep, one often overlooked contributor to quality sleep is the mattress. Your kids spend more than a third of their day in bed. Whether they spend that time slumbering or tossing and turning significantly depends on the type of mattress that you buy them. 

To make your child’s bedroom a sleep haven, you need to invest in more than a mattress—you need to also think about mattress accessories. Mattress accessories ensure that your kid stays comfortable and gets the restful sleep that’s necessary for their proper growth and development. Without further ado, here are 5 kids’ mattress accessories to try in Toronto.

  1. Waterproof Protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors repel liquids and can even be washed separately. This keeps your kid’s mattress in top condition even if your kid spills something on it. Additionally, waterproof protectors extend the life of your child’s mattress through protecting it against allergens and everyday wear and tear.

  1. Cooling/Heated Pads

Optimum temperatures are important if you want your child to have a restful and uninterrupted sleep. The cooling/heated pads are personalized climate control pads that bring your kid the most ambient sleep ever. They have a wide range of temperatures, meaning that you can find the most suitable sleep temperature for your kid.

  1. Mattress Toppers

These are extra layers often put on top of your mattress to make your child’s sleep surface feel softer and even cooler in certain cases. It can be suitable for children who don’t like the way their mattresses feel. They are made from a variety of materials, including feathers, wool, memory, foam, and poly foam among other things. 

Their prices vary a great deal, but they are still cheaper compared to buying a new mattress. While mattress pads are thinner and offer minimal cushioning, toppers are thicker with more cushioning.

  1. Box Springs

Setting up your kid’s mattress with a box spring could just be what they need to get quality sleep. A box spring helps maintain the shape of your mattress, something that makes it easier for your kid to get into and out of the bed. It also offers them a little extra support.

  1. Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector offers a fantastic way of shielding your prized asset from the wear and tear that a bed goes through. It protects your kid’s mattress from getting dirty and from dust mites, airborne allergens, and other bacteria. If you want your child’s mattress to last long, you need to invest in a fine mattress protector.

Having the perfect sleep experience entails more than just buying the right mattresses for your kids. You need to find the most ideal accessories to ensure that your child’s night is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, mattress accessories for kids help create the look and feel that’s perfect for their sleep. If you are looking for mattress accessories in Toronto, the above list should help choose the perfect extras your kids need to have a blissful slumber.


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