A Guide to Choosing the Best Zebra Blind Style For Your Home 

When it comes to blinds and other home décor items, everyone has their own taste or style. However, one factor that makes zebra blinds stand out is their ability to fit beautifully in a wide range of homes and styles. If you are looking to fill your space with some of the latest trends or you prefer traditional décor, these are the blinds to go for since they work with several design choices. 

Zebra Blinds vs. Roller shades 

While roller shades use one solid piece of fabric, zebra blinds are made of alternating, semi-opaque bands and sheers which roll on tubes that bypass one another. This implies that you can rotate the bands to line up sheer fabrics a little bit, allowing a view of the window while still giving you the needed daytime privacy and protecting your interiors from harmful UV rays. 

Style Choices 

When choosing zebra blinds for your home, you need to consider how much light you need in your spaces when the blinds are drawn. Here is a quick run-down of the things you need to know:

  • Light filtering fabrics tend to diffuse light gently and provide moderate privacy. When you view them from the outdoors, you will only see blurry images without any details 
  • Blinds with light colors provide greater illumination while their darker counterparts offer enhanced light control. 
  • Dim out blinds will allow some light to pass through but offers complete privacy, especially when they are fully closed. You are likely to see vague silhouettes when you view them from outside. 
  • Opaque zebra blinds tend to vary in color as light conditions change. For instance, color may seem to shift depending on the intensity of the light or source. If you want your kids to enjoy their playtime in the indoors, these are the blinds to opt for since you definitely want to protect them from the scorching heat of the sun. They are also a necessity for a peaceful nap during the day. Besides, these are the blinds to opt for when you don’t want to let your weekend plans of watching a movie with your loved one get marred by glare from the sun or street lights. Therefore, they are highly recommended for bedrooms, movie theatres, and children’s rooms or playrooms. 


Besides the above guide, always try to customize everything based on your space and personal preferences. Whether it’s the color of the fabric, choice of the valance, the dimensions of your window coverings or the addition of extra fringe on your draperies, you have lots of opportunities to achieve the ‘perfect’ look for your windows and your overall home décor. 

Zebra blinds can embellish your windows and uplift your home décor, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. As you shop for the best blind, prioritize your personal preferences and space needs to choose the most impressive window coverings. Don’t forget to bond with your loved ones by keenly listening to their proposals and incorporating customized looks to your windows to make a family-approved window fashion statement. 

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