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Advantages of Pressure Washing Exterior Areas

According to the Power Washers of North America, when cleaning exterior areas with a pressure washer, you will use up to 75% less water than doing the job using a garden hose. You can even save more water when you hire a professional who uses water conservation techniques. 

Save money and time

CT Power Washing with a professional will not only save water but you does not need to spend money buying the proper equipment that you will probably not know how to use correctly. It is just more cost-effective for a professional company to be hired to do this work. They already have the equipment and are trained to handle this type of large job. They can also finish the job much faster than a homeowner who tries to do it themselves. A professional can give you pristine results in a couple of hours when it might take you a weekend to make it look as good.

Other reasons to hire professional

There are also some hidden benefits for having your exterior power washed. These include:

  • Fight allergies and illness
  • Gets algae, lichens, and moss off your roof
  • Prevents a “slip-n-fall factory”

Fight illnesses

Power washing the exterior walls of your home gets rid of any mold as well as pollens that are two common allergies in the world. Siding, walls, and roofs are where pollens can attach too. A house washing will not only eliminate pollen and mold from the exterior wall but can stop any future pollen from sticking. It also removes mildew and mold. This makes for a healthy environment.

Prevents a “slip-n-fall factory”

Patios, sidewalks, decks, and especially concrete around pools often become extremely slippery when wet. When you add to this wetness, factors such as algae, mold, and dirt – you have created a “slip-n-fall” factory. A trained pressure washer using“flat surface cleaner” can rid these areas of this problem. This is important if you have elderly living in this home. 

As you can see, there are many hidden benefits to this maintenance task. 


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