Aerial work platforms machines

Aerial work platforms are also known as Aerial lifts. These are machines which enable you to get to higher ground. Aerial lifts come up with the cost of injuries or even human lives. Some accidents which occur with aerial lifts are caused due to untrained users of the machines and failure to follow proper regulations when operating. When operating aerial lifts it is always advisable to wear personal protection equipment, maintain the aerial lift machine, and inspect the machine before each use. At Site van Adrighem we sell, rent, and purchase different types of aerial lifts. It is sometimes critical to understanding the different types of aerial lifts, and the different types of tasks they made to perform. Some people think they are the in performance of the tasks, but each aerial lift has its task. The following is a brief overview of the Aerial lifts which you can rent or buy and if you need to know how to get visit about van Adrighem and your need will be solved.

The scissor lift

Scissor lifts are known machines for man lifting found in construction and maintenance sites. They are designed to elevate workers and even their tools to different working heights. Scissor lifts are classified into two: Slab scissor or rough terrain scissors depending on the application they are designed for. We have Electric scissor lifts and engine-powered scissor lifts. Electric scissor lifts are well known for longer runtimes and promoting a quiet working environment. It delivers more than double the battery life of hydraulic drive machines. Electric scissors are known for indoor usage. Engine-powered scissor lifts operate in rough terrain and lift plenty of tools and the workers to different heights. It has more workspace and large lift capacities. Engine-powered scissor lifts are known for outdoor usage.

Advantages of scissor lifts

They are easy to operate to enable to reach heights which may not otherwise to able to reach.

Scissors lifts are safe to move workers vertically and easily to different locations.

Different scissor lifts are portable or movable from one place to another.

Scissor lifts distribute weight uplifting.

Boom lift

It is a type of aerial lift which allows the movement of both vertical and horizontal. It is helpful in outdoor jobs, industrial jobs, and construction sites. It provides more security when using it than a standard ladder or man lift. We have two types of boom lift: Telescopic boom lift and Articulating boom lift. A telescopic boom lift is also known as a straight or stick boom lift. It has a single arm that can stretch to a certain distance. It is best used in open workplaces or in rectangular structures. 

Articulating boom lifts is also known as a knuckle boom lift. It has a variety of arms that can move the platform into limited spaces or obstacles. It is the best know used for complex structures or small and crowded spaces on the construction site.

Advantages of boom lifts

It offers a flexible range of hard-to-reach jobs both indoors and outdoors.

They can overcome obstacles hence save time and money.


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