Can You Park A Vehicle In A Storage Unit?

Storage units can be used for a range of different things, including some rather large items. You might wonder whether it’s possible to use a storage unit to store a vehicle, whether it’s a car or something smaller, such as a motorbike or scooter. After all, storing a vehicle is something that many people do at home every day by putting it in their garage. However, when it comes to storage units, it’s not always simple. It’s important to understand the rules before you choose somewhere to store your car or decide to put a vehicle in an existing storage unit.

Why Use a Storage Unit for a Vehicle?

When you have a vehicle that you’re not using, or that you don’t use often, you might be thinking about where you can put it. You don’t want it taking up space on your street or in your garage at home, so can you store it somewhere else? If you find another place to store your vehicle, you could save space and protect your vehicle. It’s especially useful if you have a vehicle that isn’t currently roadworthy and can’t sit on the street. Using a storage space means that you can also store other things along with your vehicle too.

Can You Park a Vehicle in a Storage Unit?

The big question is, are you able to store a vehicle in a storage unit? Of course, the size of some vehicles is going to prevent them from being stored in a storage unit. However, smaller vehicles could possibly fit. Using a self-storage unit to store a vehicle means that you can access it whenever you want, and keep it secure when you’re not using it. If you can find a space that accepts vehicles, you might be able to store a variety of vehicles with them, including motorbikes, hobby vehicles and even boats.

Restrictions on Storing Vehicles in Storage Units

An issue occurs when the storage facility doesn’t allow the storage of vehicles. While this is allowed in some storage facilities, many won’t allow the storage of vehicles due to safety or space reasons. You don’t want to rent out a space for your vehicle and then find out that you’re not allowed to store it. When you’re looking for storage in Wimbledon, be sure to check if you can store your vehicle if that’s your aim. You should be able to find a list of rules but you can always ask if you can’t find the information that you need.

Alternatives to Storage Units

If you can’t find a storage unit to store your vehicle, there might be alternatives that can help you. Renting a garage space will give you somewhere ideal for a vehicle, and you could use it for storing other things too. A parking space could also work for some vehicles, especially if it’s covered.

Remember that if you’re storing a car, it usually needs to be insured even if you’re not using it, unless you let the DVLA know that it’s off road.

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