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Different Types of Bed Frames: Everything You Wanted to Know

Did you know? The 33% of our life spent in sleeping. A good bed frame ensures comfort so that you can sleep soundly. After all, they are a vital part of your bed as they support your mattress and improve its life, eventually helping you get the best sleep possible. Apart from sleeping, they are a perfect place to lounging and relax.

Luckily, there are many types of bed frames to choose from, ranging from simple headboard to elegant frames. Here we have rounded up some bed frames that are great on style, comfort and functionality.

The Platform Bed Frame:

The platform frame style is a commonly used type. They are available in a wide range of styles and offer a sophisticated look. Known for its flat base, this bed frame just requires you a mattress without any box spring.

They are less expensive, as you don’t need to buy a box spring to combine with them. Platform bed frames can be used with any type of mattress, especially with foam mattresses.

As an added bonus, they are ideal for small bedrooms, thanks to their compact design that occupies less floor space.

The Upholstered Bed Frame:

If you are looking for a luxury and classic bed frame, upholstered beds won’t disappoint you. After all, they are bold, comfortable and can be easily used into a wide range of space. They have incredible cushioned support and a soft headboard, meaning that you can read or watch TV in bed with a super comfort.

They are available in different types of fabric, colour and patterns. The only downside is that they require maintenance to stay in top shape. Always invest in the sturdy hardwoods. The upholstered bed frames are great for classic, a large master bedroom or traditional style bedrooms.

The Storage Bed:

This can be the perfect investment if you are struggling with limited storage in your bedroom. It helps you improve storage in the bedroom. In fact, it is a multipurpose and space efficient in bed frame styles.

Apart from giving you storage, these bed frames are elegant and durable as they are made from quality woods. However, they can be costlier than other bed frames as well as require high maintenance due to their hardware and track rollers.

Storage bed frames are ideal for modern room, especially a city apartment bedroom where storage is often limited.

Four Poster Bed:

Four-poster bed, as the name implies, is equipped with posters on the four sides of the bed. This bed frame unleashes a classic charm to make the room feel mysterious and divine at the same time. It is available in both wood and metal types.

Four poster beds have been in vogue since the early centuries and have been touted for their structures. They are large in shape with distinctive shape. They are ideal for those who look for a statement with the bed. Many four poster beds come with an attachable canopy.

Day Bed:

Day beds are generally used in spare rooms or home office for relaxation or lounging during the day. However, they can be used in various scenarios. For example, they can be a suitable option if your bedroom lacks space. They have support on three sides, making them ideal for those looking for a place to sleep as well sit or study. Day beds let you watch your TV shows when placed in a living room.

If you have not a luxury of additional guest room, day beds can be used as an extra sleeping spots for the guests. Also, they can be personalized.

The Spindle Bed Frame:

Spindle bed frames add a vintage touch to your bedroom. They feature spindles being arranged in a row to create a headboard and footboard as well. Generally they are made of wood, but exceptions are always there in the form of metal.

These bed frames are lightweight than a typical headboard. But they are not meant for you if like to lean against the headboard to read the book. Simply put, they are not made for you if you read a lot in bed.

So these are some popular bed frames to choose from. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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