Do Newly Built Homes Require Pest Control Services?

Just found a brand new house that’s perfect for your needs? Congratulations! All the efforts you put into scouring the market has just paid off. Still, there are a few things you need to get done before you can even start thinking of moving in. Besides the usual lock swap and change of address, you also want to take measures to pest-proof your new abode.

Aren’t New Properties Supposed to be Pest-free?

On paper, yes. But that’s seldom guaranteed in reality. A newly-built house may not show signs of infestation, but it can be just as susceptible as an older one. The construction process affords critters plenty of opportunities to come in and establish a home for themselves. Building materials are usually stored out in the open, which means they’re likely to have critters hiding within.

Although there’s something to be said of pre-treated materials, it is worth remembering that new homes are often built in areas where many pests live. The disruption caused by the construction process will send various creatures searching for new habitats. No need to mention what happens if the structure isn’t sealed from the environment (which is often the case). Besides, animals may come in search of bits of food discarded by the construction crew.

In a nutshell, the fact that you bought (or are in the process of acquiring) a newly-constructed property doesn’t put you in the clear. The last thing you want is to find crawlies already living there after you move in. That’s why you want to get proactive with pest control; it’s much easier to handle this when the place is still vacant and unencumbered.

Leave It To The Pros

It’s hard to fathom the prospect of hiring a pest service after you’ve just swallowed the enormous bill of your home purchase. But some things are best handled by professionals, and pest extermination is one of them. That’s not to say your own efforts cannot make any difference — a thorough cleanup of the house’s interior and exterior can go a long way.

Even so, you’re much better off hiring a pro anyway. Here’s why:

-Cost: Prevention is better than cure, and a stitch in time saves nine. The cost of preventive control will always be less than that of fighting a full-blown infestation. Bringing in a pro now will keep your pest problem from ballooning into the latter.

-Effectiveness: Effective control requires both elimination of the pests and dealing with the root causes. An experienced contractor will know how to identify factors conducive to critters and how to take care of them.

-Expertise: You might not have realized this, but there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pest solution. A professional will be able to identify suitable remedies for pests of different kinds, and the most appropriate application techniques.

-Exposure: Still on the issue of application, it is worth pointing out that pesticides and the like can be hazardous to human well-being. Only a trained professional will know how to utilize them to the best effect without posing a safety risk. More importantly, they’ll be well-versed on procedures for handling accidental exposure.

-Time: Bringing in a pro means you won’t have to spend time going after pests yourself.

-Guarantee of results: Any company worth their salt, like Nvirotect Pest Control Services, will offer a warranty on all the services they provide.

Your new home represents a precious investment, and you want to do everything you can to protect it. So it’s in your best interest to hire a professional for preventive pest control. At the very least, it will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t encounter any unwanted guests.

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