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EPC Improvements By epc4less, Belfast

As per the Domestic Energy Efficiency Grants Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2002, standards are set for houses in Belfast and other parts of the country. All houses constructed in the region after its implementation fulfil the conditions of the standards. However, pre-1920’s built houses, especially those constructed before 1920 are highly inefficient in energy conservation. If you own an old house and want to improve its overall energy efficiency rating then here are two suggestions offered by epc4less.com. 

Epc4less provide home energy efficiency tests, EPCs, in Belfast

  1. Condensing and Combi Gas Boiler

The oil heating Boiler is one of the most energy consuming systems in your home and if you’ve got an old regular model the energy rating of your home can be adversely affected. Even an old regular gas boiler isn’t good for the energy rating of your property. Installing a Condensing and Combi Gas Boiler can cost you somewhere between £1,500 and £2,000. However, the impact that it has on your overall Energy Performance Certificate rating is considerable. If your neighborhood doesn’t have gas then you can replace your old oil boiler with a condensing oil boiler.

An additional benefit of installing a Combi boiler is that it provides instant hot water. This rules out there requirement of a hot water cylinder, that’s typically needed with regular oil or gas boilers. Therefore, you get extra storage in your hotpress. By replacing an external oil boiler with an indoors gas boiler you also save space in your yard by by removing the fuel tank. Traditionally, the oil boilers are installed in the back side of houses. 

  1. Provide the Latest HCS or Heating Control System

It’s a fact that most people tend to overuse power because the control systems don’t allow them to regulate the energy consumption. In Northern Ireland, this is generally the case with old homes. While you may not need to replace the entire heating arrangement, a new HCS can make a big difference to your already installed heating system. Consider installing the following items:

A Programmer to let the users control the timings for switching on/off the heating system. 

A Wall Thermostat in the living area, which will automatically turn off the heating system when room temperature reaches a particular level (generally 18 degrees Celsius), thereby saving your fuel. 

TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) fitted with each radiator to automatically stop flow of hot water as the desired temperature is reached. 

The above mentioned components of a heating system are easy to install and highly effective in terms of improving the Energy Performance Certificate rating. Being latest developments, these are generally missing in houses constructed before 1920s. Using such simple techniques, you’ll be able to make a noticeable change in the energy rating of your house. 

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To read more about the EPC requirements in Belfast visit http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/buildingcontrol-environment/buildingcontrol/energyperformancecert.aspx 

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