Finding the Right Design Build Team Members 

The design build option is ideal if you are building a commercial structure from the ground up and want to make sure your building meets your specifications. A design-build agreement keeps you from having to create several contracts for each consultant who will help create your building space. When you work under a single contract, construction of your building is a collaborative effort, and it will be easier for you to communicate with each member of your team. There are several members of the team that you should have in place before you start construction and throughout the building process. These team members should work together to ensure that your construction is a success. Here are the team members that should make up your design build team.

The Owner

You, the owner, are the cornerstone of the team. You are one of the primary members of the design build group, and you will communicate your needs and preferences to the head contractor. It is also up to you to participate in the punch list process and to finalize or sign off on all phases of the construction process. If anything changes with the timeline of your project or you find that you need new features, you should share this information with your lead contractor and make sure that everyone on the team gets the message. Of course, you are also responsible for moving into the new space and enjoying your new business once construction is complete. 

Criteria Developer

The criteria developer will work with you as the owner, as well as your staff and stakeholders to create and edit all documents and contracts as needed. If you are running other businesses or have a full schedule that does not allow you to meet with the design build staff as often as you would like, you can hire a criteria developer who will take on some of these duties for you. The developer will also review your pay applications and make changes to construction orders to assist you in the punch list process while helping you stay within your budget. 

Design Build Contractor

This contractor works to make sure all your building features are up to code according to the regulations put in place by your city or region. The design build contractor will also communicate with the other contractors assigned to your building project to ensure that each assignment is complete. You should be able to count on the contractor to communicate with you regularly to let you know the status of your construction process and make you aware of any changes. The contractor keeps you aware of all compliance information and ensures that you agree to the cost of any service before the service is performed. 

When you work with a design build team, your project will likely be completed faster, which means you can start servicing customers quicker. This construction method allows you to stay within your budget as well and makes for enhanced communication so you can make sure you are in the loop when it comes to the fine details of your business. 


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