Five Simple Vintage Decor Inspirations to Improve Your Living Space 

Your house is that one place where you go after a tiring day’s work or after an exciting trip. Whenever you are at home, you want to lay low, relax and just stay comfortable. You can switch up your home with a few basic vintage ideas and turn it into a safe space where you will always be comfortable. A vintage touch will make your home unique and aesthetically pleasing.

What You Need to Know About Vintage Decor ?

Decorating your home can improve the feel, comfort, and overall quality. You do not need to have a huge budget or spend a lot of time decorating. Typical vintage idea is not only perfect for your living space, but it is also easy to incorporate. That vintage look will bring back a plethora of memories; memories of your childhood, growing up, and historically significant objects.

A vintage upgrade is not hard to accomplish. Warm colors are the fundamentals you should start with. Colors closer to nature are what you should select as they provide a warm and natural look. Plants are another thing to consider. Whatever works between natural and artificial plants for you is what you should go for. They add their bit of nature to the room. You should also consider including antiques. You do not need to go all the way to get expensive antiques if you can’t afford them. You can select cheap but durable antiques at a store nearby. Antiques complete the vintage look. One more thing that could change your austere living space into a vintage palace is furniture. Furniture makes your living space look more unique and personal when it’s pure vintage.

If you’re low on budget, you do not need to change the chairs you already have. You can simply add fluffy pillows and blankets. If you can offer to change your chairs, you should opt for oversized, but comfortable couches. You can replace your table with a coffee table and add a soft rug in the middle of the room.

Align With Nature With a Seaside-inspired Living Space

This vintage look is inspired by the sea. You know that warm close-to-nature feeling you get when you visit the beach or spend time at sea, who says you can’t have that at home ? The basic variable to making this idea work is the color combination. Start with white to give it a fresh and at-sea feel. You can include some blue and green here and there to give it an ocean feel, but make sure they are not too overwhelming. Oversized sofas with big fluffy pillows will do the trick. Make sure that you select a living room rug that falls in line with the ocean theme too. You can opt for seaside-related antiques; they can easily be gotten from your local antique store.

Keep It Simple With Farmhouse Inspired Living Space

This farmhouse design goes well with large living spaces. Just like the idea above, the key ingredient is color. Choose colors closer to nature too. One thing you can use to revamp your living space for the farmhouse design is wooden craters. They can be repurposed to be a simple table when stacked together. They can also be repurposed to hold plants. You can opt for paintings that are nature-related and hang them up in strategic places. You can add birdhouse furniture to complete the design.

Take a Trip to the Land of Magic with Hogwarts Inspired Living Space

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, this is for you. Start with drab-looking walls, make sure your chairs are bright-colored (white and blue are great options). Add fluffy pillows of numerous colors (remember the idea is for nothing to match) and a table that looks like it came straight from Hogwarts. The walls are another important part of the decor. Get a vintage mirror and hang it on the side of the wall in your bedroom or lobby. Surround the mirror with paintings of mythical creatures or pictures of butterflies, fairies, etc.
Go Old School With Bad and Boujee

Do you want your living space to look like it came straight out of the late 1800s or early 1900s ? This one’s for you! This idea works perfectly for large living spaces. Redesigning your floor is one of the key changes you should make. Start with wood finishing since brown wood will take you back in time. The second most important thing that you should include is antiques.

Mix Things up With a Mid-century and Modern Living Room

This is a combination of old and new decor ideas. It is best for small living spaces. Nothing needs to be done with the walls. You just need to change your furniture to something ” old “, add a little antique here and there for the perfect blend. You could add plants and candle holders too.

Changing the appearance of your living space will make you feel like you moved into a new home. If you are just about to build a new house, discuss with an architect about incorporating vintage design from the ground up. Visit Fin-My-Architect.com in London for more information about connecting with an architect.

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