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Foam Vs Coil Mattress – The Main Differences


When it comes to buying mattresses either for yourself or your child, you have to make the right decision. Today’s parents are compounded with many options when it comes to the products that they can buy. Unlike the older generation who were forced to do with what was available in terms of food, clothing, furniture, bedding and others, we are spoilt for choice as there are scores of choices to make in the process. One of the options that you have is foam vs coil mattress. You need to make a decision on the kind of mattress that will work best for your individual needs. When making a choice between foam vs coil mattress, you may wonder whether there are significant differences between the two. Below, we will look at the features to consider when choosing between the two.




Construction is one of the main differences between foam and coil mattress. The core of a foam mattress is either made of synthetic or natural foam. In addition, the mattress is covered by an outer layer that is made of plastic or cotton. On the other hand, a spring mattress is made up of a set of springs, border rods and corner support system to help maintain its shape.




Both foam and coil mattresses are made with a wide range of materials that range from synthetic to natural materials. There are those that are manufactured using a combination of the two materials. If you are concerned about the chemicals that make up the mattress, the difference between foam and spring mattresses will not matter. Instead, you need to concentrate on the materials used to manufacture these mattresses. If you want a mattress that is safe and healthy for your family, choose the one that is made of eco-friendly materials such as organic fiber. However, this does not take into consideration how the mattress has been put up.




Weight is the other factor to consider when telling between foam and coil mattresses on the market. You will find that a foam mattress is about 7 to 8 pounds in weight. On the other hand, a coil mattress may weigh 2 to 3 times that. Therefore, a foam mattress is easier to handle, transport and flip over when changing the sheets. In addition to being harder to manipulate, spring mattress adds on to the weight of a bed. Therefore, if you want portability, foam mattress will serve you best.




Generally, foam mattresses cost less than spring mattresses. However, considering the fact that coil mattresses will last longer, some people see them as the better investment. Foam mattresses on the market start at $50. On the other hand, the most affordable spring mattress will cost you about $80. The most expensive mattress on the market is a spring mattress with an organic cover.




When it comes to foam vs coil mattress, the two will give you a similar experience. However, your ideal mattress is dependent on your preferences and needs. 


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