Four tips for selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets

No matter how small or big a kitchen space you’ve, choosing cabinets can be one of most daunting tasks. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or get new design, selecting the right cabinet can be a hard decision to make. You need to consider few basic elements to get amazing solutions that transform any room into a stunning space.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed when choosing cabinets by focusing on the below handy ideas.

Decide whether or not you need to customize

Many think that only customizable solutions can help to make the kitchen look great. You need to consider the space available and length of a wall to get a cabinet. If your wall size or space is little unusual size, you can get it customised. There is no hard and fast rule that every item in the kitchen cabinet needs customization. Since custom cabinetry is little expensive, you can look for semi-custom cabinets, if it fits your requirement.

Consider functionality

You need to select a cabinet or door combination that works for you both functionally and aesthetically. In most kitchen layouts, you can find wall cabinets and base cabinets, both traditionally fitted with doors over drawers or shelving. Upper cabinets are used as selective display, whereas the base cabinet embrace storage of heavier items, such as pans, bigger utensils. You can choose pull-out drawer than swinging door. These days, people prefer cleaner-looking, open space and hence opt for only base cabinets (no upper cabinets) with backsplash at the back.

Cabinet door styles

Since cabinet doors grab the attention first, you need to give importance to door style as well. Think of the door profile; for example, if you need modern, yet simple look, you can opt for recessed square slab with a touch of decorative edge to make the whole design look pretty and stylish. Narrow down the door style, as per your door profile and budget.

Frame or frameless cabinets

You need to also choose whether you need a framed or frameless cabinet. If you’re looking for traditional setup, then framed cabinet with door attached may look visibly appealing. The decision of going for frame or not to frame will have a huge impact on the type of door, hinge you choose from.

You need to give equal importance to both style and function while choosing cabinetry. With so many great choices from kitchen wholesalers from cabinets to countertops, you can find the perfect idea to design your kitchen.

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