Helpful Tips to Create Effective Business Cards


When creating a business card, there are numerous design features and options to consider. However, to create a professional card, build trust, and set a company apart from others, careful planning and design are needed. Even though attending conferences, networking events, and fairs are good ideas, exchanging business cards after talking with someone is essential for following up afterward.

One of the first things a business should do when creating a business card is to find quality printing services to help with the process. Beyond that, use the tips and information found below.

First Impressions Count

The business card says a lot about a business. The design should communicate values, distinguish a business from the competition, and encourage people to reach out to the company. If the style of working is more formal and straightforward, a business card should reflect these qualities. Or, if the services and products are more creative and playful, try to show off these traits by using a catchy tagline and bold colors.

Select the Right Size and Shape for the Card

Before sitting down and designing a business card, it is essential to know what orientation and size the card will have. This not only influences the size of the text and the amount of information that can be included but it also communicates information like whether the business is bold and non-conformist or more conventional.

Horizontal rectangular cards are the most traditional format for business cards. Vertical cards are not as common but can be used to help a business stand out from the competition. Folded cards are also an option to consider. If standing out is the goal, then it may also be good to use a specialty plastic business card or an extra thick card that features an eye-catching layer between the back and front sides. It is important to figure out where the business lies between being bold and understated.

Select the Right Design

It is a good idea to choose design elements and colors related to the business’s industry to help make the card easy to recognize and represent the services and products offered. If a business sells luxury products such as evening wear or jewelry, using a foil detail is a good idea. However, if the business specializes in a certain style of carpentry or masonry, it may be good to include a photo of the work done to showcase the area of expertise.

The choice of the paper stock and finish can let customers know if a company is an affordable solution or if they offer upscale services. The choice of paper stock also suggests if the business is a fun or fresh new venture or a well-established business that has been around for several years.

Creating a Quality Business Card Will Pay Off

When it comes to creating a quality business card, there are a variety of factors that must be considered. By keeping the information here in mind, a person can create a quality card that meets their needs and that represents their business well.


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