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How to repair the broken underwater cables with multi stranded wires

Communication is spreading all over the world. It may be in the form of a call or text. Many people rely on the internet for their communication. With the help of advanced technology for data transfer, the underwater cables are used in the form of multi stranded wire.

 It is necessary to maintain the underwater cable without getting broken. In case of broken, then the procedure for repairing these cables should be known. In this article, you can find the reasons for the breakage in underwater cable and how to repair it and prevention methods are available. Make use of this article to get to know about the underwater cable.

Reason for using Multi stranded wires in underwater cable

The underwater cables are manufactured from the multi stranded wire. The reason for choosing these multi stranded wires is that it is made up of more rounds of extrusion and stranding. It is more flexible and less susceptible than the single stranded wires. The multi stranded cable is of increased surface area, this will decrease the resistance of the wire which is passing through the cable. There are several types of arrangements of multi stranded wires are available. The commonly used arrangements are concentric and bunch arrangements.

How underwater cables are breaking?

The breaking can be identified if the signal is not received at the end of the receiver or the received signal with loss of data. The minimal loss of data can be acceptable while receiving the data. If it is more, then there may be a breakage in the underwater cables. The reasons for breakage are, it may be due to an earthquake under the water. The second is human interference in the cable network. It may be due to fishing vessels or ship anchors. The next reason is due to the sea creatures. Sea creatures like sharks are attacking the cables thinking that as their food. The most common failure is equipment failure.

How to repair those damaged cables

In the repairing process, to locate the malfunctioning area can take weeks. The proper physical preparation is needed to locate the malfunctioning area. Four steps are involved in the repairing process

  • Locating the malfunctioning area
  • The repair crew should be ready to involve in the repairing action
  • Prepping the cables for repairing
  • Conclude with the physical repair process.

Locating the malfunctioning area involves the number of tests. One of the tests is done with the help of light pulses. The light pulses are sent along the fibers and testing their destination. The person who is going to involve the process should be physically prepared. The cables are meant to be prepped. The prepped cable will be having minimal disruption. It is ended with physical replacement.

Protection for underwater cables

The underwater cable should have minimum disruption. Reinforcing cables and the constant testing is done for the proper working function of the multi stranded cable. In disaster areas, frequent testing should be done. The underwater cables are also monitored by video monitoring.

Final thoughts 

With the proper installment and maintenance, the underwater cables are used for a longer period. This is one of the best ways to achieve long-distance communication.

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