How To Train Your Kitchen Staff And Restaurant Employees On Fire Safety

If you own a restaurant, it is your responsibility to invest in a quality kitchen fire suppression system. Though it’s not legally required, it’s a proven way of protecting properties, minimizing damage, and saving lives.

However, having such a protective measure isn’t the only thing you need to do. You also have to train your employees, especially your staff who will be working in the very fire accident-prone area called a kitchen.

So, how do you this one? Here are some tips:

Establish your business’ safety procedures and make sure everyone is informed. Every business, especially restaurants, should have a standard operating procedure in case a fire breaks out. Have an evacuation plan and make sure everyone knows about it.

Instruct your employees to always wear proper attire. There cases of fire accidents that are caused by improper attire. That’s why you have to stress the importance of wearing the uniforms and other accessories (e.g. Hair net) to your employees.

Ensure your staff knows how to operate fire suppression equipment. Having a kitchen fire suppression system is one thing, but knowing how to operate — and maintain — one is another. From the proper use of the appropriate fire extinguishers to the effective way of checking your system is fully functional, your employees must be equipped with such knowledge.

Emphasize the importance of operating restaurant equipment safely and carefully. However, operating is just one part of the story, you have to emphasize that these fire-fighting gears are meant to be used safely and with utmost care.

Strategically put proper labels and warning signs. Fire equipment should only be used in case of emergencies, so make sure to put instructions on paper and display it accordingly. The same labeling should also be done on your kitchen equipment (e.g. Maximum temperature for certain cooking equipment, flammable object your employees you need to avoid).

Perform routine inspection and maintenance. A restaurant should undergo a thorough inspection regularly. Are things stored properly? Are cooking facilities working? Is there proper ventilation, especially in the kitchen area? Questions like these should be answered and necessary repairs should be done accordingly.

Regularly hold fire emergency drills. There’s a big reason why the fire bureau encourages every business to hold fire drills — it’s a way to prepare people, from having the proper mindset to ensuring one’s evacuation plan can be effectively carried out.

Encourage your employees to acquire certifications from the fire protection agency. By having such documents, you can take your fire-fighting game to a higher notch. There will be a series of training required to achieve any qualification from the fire bureau — which may include basic first aid response.

Customize their training process to match your kitchen’s situation. Not all restaurant kitchens have the same layout and set of kitchen facilities. When you hold a training or orientation, make sure to tailor-fit basic fire protection protocols to the situation you have in your kitchen.

Be a role model and follow instructions and protocols yourself. Equipping your business with a kitchen fire suppression is a crucial step in showing how you care about fire safety. But you should also know that setting a good example is another way of conveying such message.

A kitchen fire suppression system is a must for commercial kitchens. Lower your risk of unwanted incidents and disaster, contact us today at Westminster Fire for more info.

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