How you can contribute in reducing, reusing and recycling the Household Waste

Household waste collection is an obvious thing. You often collect green and organic waste while wood and other solid waste collection is seen while renovation, spring cleaning or house warming parties. Here we have presented list of garbage that is often found at household and can be avoided if you primarily take care. 

  • Nuts, Bolts and Batteries 
  • Harmful Waste – half sliced tiles, broken glass and mirrors
  • Loose wires and electrical circuit boards
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Poisonous items like – Mercury and lead and other metals 
  • Paint brushes, aerosols and diluters
  • Hazardous substances like asbestos 
  • Medicinal tools like bottles, tablet covers, used cottons, needles, used syringes

Some of the Non-hazardous Waste

Household waste accumulation has few of the non- hazardous waste. They can be collected into a common bin with sealed top to avoid any littering here and there. They comprised of various other things like:

  • Cardboard paper
  • Half leaked gums
  • Non- degradable kitchen surplus
  • Garden or green waste
  • Materials used in packaging

Waste Storage Bags

Waste storage bags are those bags that are easy to carry and economically stable. They can be easily disposed of without any additional hassle. These bags are so affordable and environment friendly that they protect the materials from having any direct impact to the environment. They are predominantly made of nylon, polyurethane and polycarbonate. These materials are easy to recycle and decompose. You can purchase these bags after determining the capacity and volume of your waste. You can book an appointment for Adelaide skip hire services to get it done professionally. 

Household waste from furniture: 

As discussed, during renovation or house shifting, you often collect household waste in the form of furniture, wood and lumber. In such case, you can contribute to waste management by breaking the waste of wood and lumber into small convenient dimension that will occupy less space till you call Adelaide skip hire services to your place. You will be able to store it for more until the service provider collects the waste. 

Some of the Degradable Items: 

Household waste brings about other degradable items like animal waste, human waste, waste collected out of death of living creatures and remains of food and vegetables. Therefore, try to dump them as soon as possible if you wish to contribute towards the well-being of the environment. 

Contributing in forms of Disposable Items:

You can share your contribution into waste management by using disposable items like thermo plates and paper bags that are easy to decompose and dispose. They are light weighted and affordable to use. Thus, instead of plastic plates and bowls, shift towards disposable items. 

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