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Important and interesting facts of granite

Many of us while selecting materials for kitchen countertops often go for the natural rock of granite. However, how many of us really do know about the natural features and characteristics of the material? In the course of this article, we will take a look at the various properties and the features of the rock. It will give us an idea why granite is so dependable on construction material. 

Interesting trivia for granite

Did you know that granite happens to be the oldest igneous rock that is found in the face of the planet? It is believed that granite was found on the face of the earth as long back as 300 million years before the present times. Granite is a plutonic rock and is formed deep within the various layers of the earth’s crust. A major part of the continental crust of earth is made up of granite. Granite is composed of a mixture of a number of elements, the main one being feldspar. This causes the white flakes in the rock. It is one of the most common rocks found in abundance on the earth’s surface. Experts say that nearly 60% of the earth’s surface is made up of feldspar. As such granite is hundred percent nature’s creation and nature’s wonder. 

Natural properties

Granite is one of the hardest elements found and is only second to diamond in terms of its hardness. The word granite is derived from the Latin word ‘granum’ which means a coarse grain. Granite has grain-like patterns made on it due to the crystals that are tightly packed inside the rock. The density of this rock is around 162 pounds.  The use of granite for the purpose of construction happens to be one of the oldest phenomenons known to mankind. It was found from the times of ancient Egyptians. 

The color of granites is its unique feature that adds to the looks and the demand of the stone. You can get different colors on the basis of its composition. Due to its look and features builders, architects, and interior decorators prefer it for various construction jobs, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, rooftops, and gardens. 

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