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Innovative Basement Remodel Ideas That You Must Know

Basement remodeling is a great goal if you have an unused basement. It is great for huge families and is a brownie point while selling the house. For all Calgary residents, there are a few remodel ideas to motivate you into contacting a basement development Calgary company.

Build A Garage

A basement garage is, quite obviously, a garage built in a basement. And yes, you’ll need professional garage builders on your case, as these are not DIY projects. It is a smart way to keep a vehicle safe without using more plots of land. You’ll also need to install racks, have proper ventilation, water supply, strong walls, leak-proof roofs, and electricity, to say the least.

Another Bedroom

Do you have a big family and comparatively fewer rooms? Are you tired of hearing your child complain about sharing a room with a younger sibling? Just convert the basement into a bedroom by adding shelves, a small bathroom, and a built-in bed. Don’t forget to consult with roofing companies Calgary because the roof should be strong, waterproof, and safe for electric wiring.

An Entire Apartment

A basement can house an entire apartment (if planned right)! A kitchenette, a comfortable couch, half walls for boundaries between bedroom and bathroom- there are dozens of ideas to convert a small basement into a smart living quarter. You can even rent it out if you want to earn some extra money. On a side-note, it is wise to contact remodeling companies and even roofing companies Calgary for such plans.

Separate Space With Barn Doors

If you are on a strict budget but plan to remodel your basement, sliding barn doors are a sleek idea for you to use. You can create separate rooms in the basement without building new walls! Another advantage is that sliding barn doors can instantly make your basement bigger too. You can make one of these rooms a basement garage. Although you’ll need to go through garage builders to do so.

A Home Gym

Any basement has plenty of space to form a home gym perfect for a few people. Hence, for all the Calgary gym lovers, a home gym is an excellent reason to contact a company that deals with basement development Calgary. You can have your private sauna, or different exercise spots for yoga, stretches, etc. Be sure to use good flooring options such as wood floors, carpets, and rubber mats.

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