Pest Control in the Winter Time

Pest control in the wintertime is just as important as the warmer months. In fact, termites love to congregate, breed and feed in warm and arid areas. These usually include your property’s foundation or wherever an abundant supply of wood is available. You will also find mice and rodent activities during those icy, frigid winter months. Vermin also love to congregate, breed and feed on food crumbs from open containers. While you may not see a lot of mosquito activity, cockroaches can be all-seasonal when it comes to infesting homes and businesses.

With professional pest control services, you get top-notch defense against any and all critters. This includes bed bugs, along with silverfish, fruit flies, and so many other insect breeds. Local professionals offer complimentary consultations and weekly spraying for homes and businesses. They also feature inspection tools that pinpoint and address all types of infestation. From vibrant lights and traps to the latest in pesticides, local pest control specialists are always available to help you. They even check basements, crawlspaces, attics and other areas that are particularly susceptible to rodent and bug invasions.

Due to the colder climate, the winter season tends to bring all types of insects indoors. Again, these nocturnal or day-time critters are looking for warmth, security, and food in a safe environment. They are also looking to stay away from potential predators in yards and other areas of your property. This is why pest control is so important since it keeps your home or business insect-free.

This is essential in preserving the health and hygiene of both your property’s interiors and exteriors. It also eliminates insect breeding, as well as their young from hives and mounds around the perimeter of your property.
Local pest control experts have years of extensive industry experience.

They understand the different insect species — and when they love to invade homes and businesses. Local experts also understand which types of sprays and pesticides to use for optimal insect elimination and lasting results. This includes aerial sprays, along with traps, bait, ant mound powder and much more. Ants tend to build mounds during the summer months for food and breeding.

However, it’s also common to see these mounds –at times –during the winter season. Ants will find warmth in your yard’s soil and love to swarm other insects for food and protection. With this in mind, ask your pest control agent about eliminating ant mounds for safety and health reasons.

Pest control services, like Pro Pacific Pest Control, are not just relegated to the summer months. In order to keep your properties free of yearly bugs and insects, you need to have a regular maintenance and spraying plan in place. While you can always go the DIY route, this is simply not enough to keep out annoying pests throughout the year.

At the same token, bug sprays do not ensure the complete removal of hives, mounds, and other insect dwellings — exterior and interior. You need a seasoned, reputable and professional pest control agency to help you save time, money, and keep your properties clean and hygienic year-round.

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