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Rejuvenating Bathrooms With The Right Kind Of Tiles

Choosing your bathroom tiles can be more than just an interesting task than it seems. They set the tone and feel of the entire look of the finished space and will easily steal the focus of your guests. Bathroom tiles nowadays come in countless shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes. You can select the tile that suits your requirements. In fact, this experience can be so overwhelming that you might get confused with the number and the variety of bathroom tiles that are available in the market. Therefore, you can ace at your bathroom tile selection with these four tips.

  1. Choosing the tile of your choice

One best way to select a bathroom tile is to go with what you have loved the most. If you are not overwhelmed after seeing a wide variety of tiles and perhaps have that one specific tile on your mind which you want in your bathroom, going with this idea is perhaps the best thing to do. This will become the feature tile of your bathroom and which can either accent the walls or add life to your floor or shower enclosure.

  1. Accenting tiles

Once you have successfully chosen the feature tile, you can now choose the other tiles that complement that tile. One important thing to consider here is that these complementing tiles are not too bold, or they just create too many focal points. So choosing something plain, neutral, and textured will do better than bold ones, allowing your feature tiles to be the center of attention.

  1. Adding texture

Many people love the spa-like feel for their bathrooms, so if you are one of those, you might want to consider a nature-inspired tile. For instance, stone effect tiles, nature stone tiles or travertine. These tiles can further be complemented with natural wood stone to give your bathroom a rejuvenating finish.

  1. Tile size

Finally, what also needs to be considered is the size of your bathroom. Many bathrooms are smaller and for such bathrooms, large format tiles may not be a good idea. Therefore, going with medium-sized tiles for a medium-sized bathroom or mosaic tiles for a smaller bathroom always helps.


Choosing bathroom tiles is not a very difficult task today, but it can most definitely become overwhelming for some. In such cases, a little research before choosing your ideal bathroom tiles will help you a lot. In this regard, Club Ceramic can be an ideal spot to shop for your kind of tiles.

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