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Table lamps with their own light

Sometimes table lamps are just what a room needs to add a practical and personal touch to your décor. They can make your living room cozier for movie night or help your body relax with bedside lamps. Their designs also give a lot of style. Turn off the ceiling light and give the table lamps a chance to shine.

How to choose the perfect table lamp?

You have decided that you need a table lamp and here is an assistance for you to choose the perfect lamp for your needs. The factors that you have to take into account are:

Size of the space or room to be illuminated: depending on the size of the room to be illuminated, and the need for lighting it has, you will have to choose lamps of different sizes. In addition, it is sometimes important to seek to generate symmetry by placing two table lamps, one on each side, to fully exploit both its illuminating potential and its decoration possibilities.

Materials and colors: table lamps can be a disruptive color point in the room. Similarly, choosing a lamp made of a natural material can give the room a special warmth and dynamism.

Bulb intensity: do not forget to check the lighting intensity of the lamp you like so as not to stay in the dark or otherwise, so that it does not dazzle and disturb the eye.

The table lamp should not dazzle the child

In the center of the children’s room a ceiling lamp or a chandelier is placed but equally important is also to illuminate the bed and especially the desk. It is not recommended to buy floor lamps or other lights with long cables, as the baby can trip over them. You can use wall lamps, or table lamps. You can move them around the table and change the direction and intensity of the light. You will appreciate its flexibility especially when writing. To avoid shadows, the right-hander should have a lamp on the left side and the left-hander on the right side of the table. It is also necessary to ensure that the light does not dazzle the child. Therefore, the atollo table lamp must have an opaque shade and the bulb must not protrude from it.

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