Things To Know About Electronic Lock Systems

Electronic lock systems are the safety solutions having advanced features and automated controls. These locking systems are digitized and can be operated using electronic means such as GPRS, voice commands etc. The most interesting part of using electronic lock systems is that the user does not need operating the locks manually; the keys are nothing but the codes or voice commands for such locks.

How electronic lock systems can be introduced into home safety

Electronic lock systems offer added layer of safety to the home security set-up. Some of the easy ways of integrating the lock systems into the home security are:

  1. Integrating them to CCTV

CCTV offers you the bird’s eye view of what is happening in various parts of the house. By integrating the CCTV with electronic locking systems, one can regulate the entry and exit of the visitors and other home inmates remotely. The locking system works instantly if the home owner finds an intrusion activity on the CCTV and commands it to lock the gates. Thus, the owners can make their premises safer places to live.

  1. Integration with intruder alarm

The other most important safety solution is intruder alarm. It not only alarms the inmates but also the nearest police patrolling units. The effect of intruder alarm can be enhanced to another level if the locking system is added to its functionality. Thus, home, in a way, protects itself and in some cases, locks the intruders inside the property making it difficult for them to cause damage.

  1. Integration with fire alarm systems

When fire alarm breaks out, the locking system if integrated into it can come into action. This helps in locking the areas and thereby saving them from getting gutted into fire. This integration is quite useful in controlling the losses caused due to fire outbreak.

The main motive of electronic systems is to remove the access in case any unusual activity in the home or at its exteriors is sensed.

Conditions when electronic locking systems help

When the electronic locking systems are installed, these help in solving the issues related to various important situations. The main aim of electronic locking system is to secure the areas as well as to grant the access to those areas in case the lock and key system fails to work. Some of the situations where electronic locking system help the owners are:

  1. Granting access when the lock and key combination is forgot

If the owner fails to use the standard keys for opening the locks of certain gates, the electronic locking systems present in those gates can help the owners to get access. Thus, the owners are never locked in or locked out of the spaces they protect using safety solutions.

  1. Protecting vulnerable points of entry of exit

When you want certain areas of the house which are not in frequent use to not act as the easy access points for the intruders, you can make use of electronic locking systems. These locks add extra layer of security and keep the remotest areas of the house safe and impregnable.

Electronic locking systems can be used to protect areas of the house at select time and dates too. Call us at Barry Bros to find about the latest electronic systems and ways they can help you.

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