Wall Polish Plastering As Per Your Requirement Now

It’s not mere theory: a co-worker, one of these days, was whining about doing this, and telling me that he’ll need to crush the whole plaster and redo it. The right recipe for grouting takes only washed sand, pink sand and cement. To bond and make the cement more plastic, a good tip is to mix powder plaster with plaster, which also speeds up its hardening.

  • Buy cement, pink sand, aluminum ruler, line to level. You may also need to buy trowel and trowel.
  • Buy the countertops that need to be bolted to the wall – granite and stainless steel sinks, for example. Check when they should be.

Check again, before execution, the measurements and position of the frames (height of windows and doors in relation to the ceiling, etc.). Ideally, the top of all windows and doors is ideally level, but this can change with the house’s gaps. The important thing is that you do not have to break everything when you are ready to put it at the right time.

Flooring and coverings

Did you want finish?

Here begins the saying whose. You can scratch your pocket because here begins the most expensive part of the work or not. The options are countless, and often very simple materials can become beautiful finishes when passed through properly skilled hands. It depends on your taste and your ability to accept (or rebut) suggestions.

  • Buy the door sills, which usually come in standard size (80cm or 90cm wide) and are cut with saw in the work itself. The rest depends on the material adopted. In the case of ceramics, it is necessary to buy them with a surplus of about 15%, because much is lost in the cuts to the baseboards and adjustments, and it is always recommended to keep some parts in case of repairs and renovations, since the designs and patterns offered by manufacturers are changed from time to time. In addition, mortar and grout. Bricklayers always spend more mortar than salesmen estimate; therefore it may be providential to carry one or two more bags. You may also need to buy spacer joints, plastic and cross-shapedthat maintains the square of the floor and have the thickness you want for the grout.

Before the ceramic floor is laid, a second subfloor is made, in a material similar to plaster, that corrects the irregularities and determines both the eventual inclination of the floor (the popular trim) and the gap that separates the rooms or environments. Prior to execution, define and discuss with the construction staff what these gaps will be. And to test the pitch of the floors, before the dough dries, use marbles or something similar. You can check this website now for the best results in wall polished plastering as per the requirement.

In the case of a bathroom floor, not only do you have to make a recess of at least 1.5cm in the shower area, if the bathroom has half-wall ceramic coverings and only the box has full ceramic tiles, you must also define that Closure type will be used (acrylic box, tempered glass box, curtain).

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