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Choosing a Rug for Your Floor Type

When buying a rug for your floor from Hide Rugs, you should seriously consider the type of floor on which you will be placing the rug. One of the reasons is that it will have an effect on the look of the floor. Another reason is more practical as you do not want a slippery rug on a slippery surface.

The following guidelines will help you choose a rug for your floor:


Though a carpet is a warm and cozy surface, a rug can make it more appealing than it is. One of the important factors to consider is the thickness of your carpet. If you have a thin carpet, you should complement it with a thick rug and vice versa.

A thin and simple rug will do for a thick carpet while a tick, shaggy rug will do for a thin carpet.

You should also choose a rug color that is similar to the carpet color. The colors should be analogous unless you want to make a statement with the rug.

Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is new to home interior design but it is easy to install, cheap and beautiful. However, due to its thin material and surface, it can make a room quite cold.

You have more options when choosing a rug for laminate flooring than other surfaces. You should choose a rug that warms the room though such as a thick tufted or carved-pile rug.

Water can easily run across laminate flooring so rugs with natural fibers and are mold and stain resistant are recommended.

Jute rugs are also great for laminate floors as they have anti-slip properties and are easy to clean.

Laminate floors offers you the chance to brighten up the room with a rug. A rug with complementary colors is great for a laminate floor.

Stone Floor

Stone floors are cold and hard. When buying a rug for a stone floor, the main point should be to maintain the stone floor identity.

Classic looking rugs are the best in this regard. Vintage, woven wool rugs are an excellent example of classic rugs. They are not only durable but they are also sturdy and soft.

Your choice of rug should also warm up the space. Area rugs should fill up the space and are ideal for stone floors. A fluffy sheepskin hide rug should be excellent in this regard.

As far as colors are concerned, a bright color with a sharp contrast to the floor looks amazing on a stone floor.

Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor can be elegant, rustic and decadent all by itself. However, adding a rug to a hardwood floor can be very interesting.

An oversized area rug that covers a lot of the floor will do great particularly if your floor showcases a lot of dirt and dust acquired from frequent traffic. It will also help pull the room together if it covers the room’s primary features.

Hardwood is generally insulating but, in the winter, it can get quite cold. A warm rug such as a sheepskin rug will therefore be of great use during such times.

The rug color should contrast the floor meaning a dark floor should have a bright rug and vice versa.

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