Kitchen Cabinet Trends Of 2020

If you are building a new home or renovating the old one, then here is your chance to do justice to your kitchen. In fact, 2020 is the year for kitchen trends and everyone is trying to make a kitchen statement with all the new trends. By trends, we don’t mean just walls, flooring or kitchen tops, but also the cabinets. Earlier there were very limited options for cabinet designs but now there are various types of styles to choose from. Here is a guide to top kitchen cabinet trends of 2020:

  • Open shelving- Lately, the idea of open shelving has been on high demand. With the doors being excluded, it creates more space-saving opportunities for small kitchens. People used to hide their kitchen supplies in drawers or closed cabinets. Now, they boldly display their items and decorate their open shelves.
  • Shaker kitchens- Shaker kitchen is a trend that most of us are aware of. These are more modern and sleeker than the traditional square cabinet doors. Though shaker cabinets still have a bit of the squared door cabinet look to it, the simplicity of the lines on its doors gives a very modern look to it. Shaker cabinets’ simplicity allows the use of a colorful countertop or flooring.
  • Slab door cabinets- These cabinets are one of the most modern kitchen trends. Usually, slab cabinets have a frameless and flat front and even more glossy finish. You will find most of them in glassy or wood finish. These too are popular in smaller kitchen areas and allow an uninterrupted flow between the cabinets.
  • Transitional kitchen cabinets- Transitional kitchen style is nothing but mixing the old and the new trends together. It helps in updating or modernizing the traditional look by adding modern touches or trends to it. The transitional kitchen cabinet is a great way to keep the traditional look in your kitchen but without looking outdated.
  • Two-toned cabinets- These cabinets are the best of both worlds. Typically, two-toned cabinets are white upper part paired with dark color either blue or greys. However, lately, colors like canary yellow, mint green, and dark purple have been making it to the grid and the white top allows great neutrality and contrast for bolder colors on your base cabinet, adding an overall decent and modern look to the kitchen. 

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