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The 5 most expensive places to buy property in Tunisia

5. Djerba

One of the Islands of the coast of Tunisia is Djerba. This region is known for its whitewashed desert towns with their strong Berber influence as well as the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. The area has also been influenced by African, Jewish and Arab cultures. The main city in the area is Houmt Souk with its fishing port, markets selling handicrafts and there is also Borj el Kebir a 16th century fortress. A villa in Djerba can cost €265,000.

4. Gammarth

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is the town of Gammarth. This town is located in the Tunis Governorate of Tunisia. It is very close to both La Marsa and Tunis. There are several upmarket shops and hotels in the region and this is widely known as a popular seaside resort.

This region, including the town of Gammarth started out as a fishing village and it was only after independence was obtained from France that this town developed into a resort town. This only happened in the 1950s. Since then tourism has been an important boost to the local economy. There are many up market restaurants as well as five-star hotels. There are also many beautiful villas and in fact some of them can be available from €340,000.

3. Raoued

You will find the town of Raoued in the Ariana Governorate of Tunisia. The population has reached 84,000 in 2014 but only two years later most of the city was destroyed by giant sandstorms. Some of the popular attractions in the area are the ancient city of Utica. The city started out as a Punic settlement but this was followed by occupation by the Romans. This site is in the cereal plain of the Medjerda approximately 12 km from the coast which makes it hard to believe that this was at one time a port. There is also Belvedère Park which is known for its beautiful scenery and which has been in existence since the late 19th century. Belvedère Park is situated on a hill in the in the center of Tunis. A villa can cost €450,000.

2. Sousse

One of the cities of Tunisia is Sousse which is also the capital city of Sousse Governorate. Tunis the capital of Tunisia is approximately 140 km from Sousse. The city has just over 270,000 citizens and it is located in the central east of Tunisia. It is located on the Gulf of Hammamet on the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most popular attractions is the Medina district in other words the old town. It is here that people will find the Zakkak Catacombs; there is the Souk District, the Great Mosque and Archaeological Museum. A villa can cost €1.9 million.

1. Hammamet

This is another well-known Tunisian town which has become an extremely popular destination because of the many beautiful beaches in the region which is favorable for things such as water sports and swimming.many film lawyers and entrepreneurs liv here.  And this is why Hammamet has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tunisia. You will find Hammamet in the southeastern section of Cap Bon. Hammamet is also part of the Nabeul Governorate. A luxury villa can cost approximately €2 million.

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