What Is The Right Way To Install A Whole-House Water Filter
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What Is The Right Way To Install A Whole-House Water Filter?

The whole-house filter is a system that is installed in the main water line that will filter all the water that comes into the house. Impurities in the water will be removed by the whole house water filtration when the water comes into the waterline of the house before it separates throughout the house, meaning that the clean water will be available at every plumbing fixture from each of the taps.

This article focuses on how to install whole house water filtration so that you can use clean water for your daily activities. The whole water filtration installation is a simple procedure and can be done by following these steps:

How to install whole house water filter?

  1. Drain the whole system

You should turn off the main water supply and then drain off all the water in the water system. From the lowest point in the home, open the faucet to release pressure and drain all the water that is existing in the system.

  1. Cut the pipe

After choosing the location of your filter, mark the exact location in the pipe, and remember the placement. You should choose an appropriate location as you would need to change the cartridge now and then. Use a pipe cutter to make two cuts on the main pipe until it goes all the way through.

  1. Attach the fittings

The next step in whole house water filter system installationis to place the compression nut in the pipe and install the brass fitting according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to use Teflon tape to secure the installation safely. Tighter the fitting onto the filter until they are snug.

  1. Attach the water filter

Install the filter so that the flow of water goes into the in ports and exists through the outports.  Position the water filter so that it is in the water line and let the screen hang between the pipes.

  1. Turn the water on

The filter kit will have a special kind of handle that can be used to turn the valve on. Slowly turn in back on and the main valve on too. The filter should begin the process of filtering after that.


Following these steps for the whole house water filter system,you will easily be able to install the equipment without any hassles. Just follow the steps precisely and have the system work for you.

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