5 Tips To Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A New Look

If your kitchen is looking a little run down and you don’t have the time, energy or resources to undergo a full remodel, then the step of replacing your kitchen cabinets can breathe new life into the room. Here are five tips to

Full/Partial Overlay

The classic kitchen cabinet style has always been partial overlay. This style features an approximate 2 inch strip around the border on the face of the cabinet. You’ll more than likely be familiar with this style, as it has been commonplace in most standard builds for years, including newer entry-level homes.

If you’re looking for a contemporary, smooth style to your cabinets, then full overlay cabinetry is the way to go. Minimizing the visible gaps between each cabinet gives the kitchen a modern flow.

With full overlays using slightly more material, they do come at a higher cost of manufacturing. Each overlay lends itself to a different style, so go with the one that suits your sensibilities.

Inset Doors

The inset door front is the antithesis of the overlay. As the name suggests, the door is set into the open front frame to sit flush against the framework. This is the oldest type of cabinet you’ll see still in production today.

The task of fitting the door into the frame takes a more refined craft than overlay, and it needs different hinges and door stops to be fitted to it. Because of this the inset style is a pricier alternative to overlay options.

Inset cabinets have survived for centuries because they are a classic, timeless style. Despite the price, these doors offer a safer bet when looking to stand the test of time and trends.

Raised/Recessed Panels

These two door styles are grouped together due to their linked but opposing nature. Raised panels have been the go-to choice for a few decades now, particularly with wood finishes, due to the level of detail and different contouring you can achieve with them.

Recessed paneled doors are a less popular front, but they have a sleeker look and are much more flexible when it comes to design options and are easy to change if needed.

Handles; Pulls vs Knobs

Getting onto hardware now, and door handles can be the final pop that makes an old cabinet look new again.

For example, if you have white laminate cabinets, add black pulls to contrast beautifully. For cream painted wood, a brass or copper knob will look sophisticated and tasteful. To narrow it down, detailed cabinets suit knobs, whereas pulls are a better contrast to slab cabinets and laminates.

If you are doing a basic kitchen remodel it may be enough to simply customize kitchen cabinets with door fronts and hardware.

Hardware Types

If you still have the kitchen’s original fittings, chances are they won’t have hardware added to them, so it’s a place to be creative. There are plenty of hardware solutions to choose from, you just have to narrow it down to ones that suit your theme.

Metal knobs fit best with traditional wooden cabinets, while long pulls bring contemporary sophistication to modern kitchens. Stick to the theme of your home, and keep the same color scheme and hardware throughout your drawers, base and wall cabinets.

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