Easy steps to stripe your lawn

Lawn striping is to give your lawn different looks such as stripes, checkerboards or other patterns employed to a big lawn by using a lawn mower. Striping is something that anybody can perform with serenity and the correct tools.

Lawn mowing Alpharetta experts are interested in striping. People are familiar with witnessing lawn striping on golf courses and at baseball stadiums, but attaining it at a house is too remarkable. It could be an exciting, pleasing and caring thing that just may create a feeling of jealousy among your neighbours and relatives. Continue reading to knowthe proper technique for mowing your lawn.

How to prepare for lawn striping?

Here are some “how to stripe a lawn” tips to be acquainted with before diving into striping your lawn.

  1. It is good to know your grass

If you are serious about lawn striping, you should first think about the lawn itself. If you stripe passionately, odds are your lawn is already in its best form: flat, smooth and equally planted.

If you are a beginner and have yet to select a grass, this might work to your benefit. You at this time have the chance to choose your grass types with lawn striping in mind. Understand that not all grass types are suitable for striping, and once you have the incorrect grass planted, it would take some attempts to start again.

  1. Selection of the tools

As most lawn mowers create many pale stripings and are worth attempting, you may not receive the striking effect you are seeking. To make the grass blades curve suitably, you will require either a mower with a full-width roller or a striping gear for your mower.

Lawn striping techniques

  1. Keep the lawn in the fine state

To achieve the best outcomes, you require a blooming and healthy lawn. You must cut modest and frequently instead of trimming excessively in one go and then leaving it to grow lengthy. Make sure that you do not cut over one-third of the length of your grass in one go. Hire professionals who can flawlessly perform the task of lawn mowing Alpharetta.

  1. Choose a split roller mower

To have the finest stripes, buy a split roller mower. These types of lawn mowers provide more manoeuvrability while using.

  1. Make the blades sharp

The blades should be sharp while you mow– this would guarantee a perfect and clean cut. If not, you would tear the grass blades that would result in weaker grass.

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