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Sometimes, a white thick salt like powdery substance coats your shower tile and grout. This residue might seem like cement to  you, but, in fact, it is efflorescence, which originates due to masonry. Regardless of how hard you try to scrub it off, it refuses to go away. Efflorescence is the left-over residue of mineral and calcium deposits. Although it does not increase in quantity or produce any health hazards, it does give a very bad appearance to your shower tile. pFOkUS brings you an excellent efflorescence cleaner – Zido, that helps  you get rid of this build-up easily. Let us read further to understand more about efflorescence and the features of Zido.

What Causes Efflorescence?

Some laymen or contractors do not do an efficient job while installing shower tile. When the tile is not installed properly, water is allowed to remain underneath the tile. This water mixes with the minerals in the concrete mud bud and it travels in the shower drain through the weep holes. It eventually comes up onto your tile and grout. The mineral deposits settle on the surface once the water evaporates leaving a very nasty looking white stuff on the surface.

Efflorescence in a shower can also form if water is penetrating from somewhere into the concrete mud bed. This penetrating water mixes with the minerals and salts and forms a solution which travels to the top of the surface.

Dangers of Efflorescence

Although efflorescence does not pose any threat to the tile and grout, it does ruin the appearance of your flooring. But if not removed immediately, this efflorescence can crack the tile and grout. It can also clog the drains. The occurrence of efflorescence on shower floor tile shows that there is moisture beneath the tile or grout that may lead to mold breeding again. If efflorescence has clogged your drains, it might lead to severe damage of tile and grout, and subsequent repair costs.

Zido – An Excellent Efflorescence Cleaner

The efflorescence on your tile and grout can be removed by using a good-quality efflorescence cleaner. Never try to scrub it away with a sharp tool as it might cause scratches. If acidic cleaners are used for removing calcium deposits off tile and grout, it may lead to etching on the surface. pFOkUS’ Zido is an excellent calcium deposits remover, as it attacks the mineral deposits and loosens the bonds. Not only does Zido remove efflorescence from the top of the surface, but this high quality cleaner also eliminates efflorescence beneath the tile and grout.

Features of Zido

  • Zido works magically on the calcium build-up without destroying the surface beneath.
  • Zido also eliminates grout haze that may have formed and also cleans grout at the same time.
  • Zido chemical comes in an 8 oz bottle with one yorker cap for pinpoint accuracy when applying the solution.
  • It is a low acidic base solution formulated with a pleasing aroma that mellows down the aroma.
  • It reacts with the calcium build-up and neutralizes itself.
  • Zido works very fast and helps in removing efflorescence within a few minutes.
  • It does not harm the PVC drains.

How do you Prevent Calcium Build-Up?

Repair Cracked Tile and Grout:

If there are cracked tile and grout, they should be repaired instead of replacement and the caulk should be replaced with a powerful product. Meet Sentura –  a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy resin designed with a 1200psi adhesion, the perfect sealer to meet your needs for both.

Waterproofing Grout:

Grout must be sealed with Caponi – a two part pigmented solvent titanium resin, making the surface waterproof. It also locks out any damages present in the surface to prevent further issues.

Waterproofing Tile:

To waterproof tile, you can use Celine – a clear topical solvent based natural look sealer, which forms a hydrophobic layer, preventing the entry of liquids.

pFOkUS’ product range is the best on the market. D’Sapone– one of the leading restoration providers in the US only relies on our products for its restoration services.

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