Simple design ideas to make your kitchen look bigger   

Looking to create a bigger kitchen? Do not call the designer just yet. With a bit of knowledge and creativity, you can stretch your space without adding extra square—foot. You need not spend on expensive accessories to make it look bigger. These ideas will help you to maximize your small kitchen into a spacious one.

Opt for white paint

Though you can play around with different shades, you can go for white in case of any confusion. Proper usage of colour is one of the least expensive and easiest methods to give any room upgrade, especially when it comes to a small kitchen. Since you get limited options, opt for a lighter shade to visually expand the kitchen interior. Moreover, white colour can make your room feel airy and open. Use whiter shades on countertops and cabinets to get a feeling of boundless space. If you’re residing in a tiny apartment, avoid dark shades.

Neutral paint colours can also be life saver. These reflect light, offering a cohesive space. To avoid making the whole kitchen feel too white, utilize various shades of white or neutrals in the wall covering or fabrics.  Different, yet contrast paints in panels or cabinets can give a rich look.

Bring in natural light

No matter you’ve a small or large sized room, it’s important to bring in natural light wherever possible! Natural lighting has the power to extend any space, making it feel brighter and larger.  For example, if you’ve only one door or window, you can use blinds or other window light treatments that help you work in kitchen without blocking the light. If you’re in the budget, try fixing tube or window skylight. A dim, dark kitchen always gives a gloomy feel. Sheer or removable curtains help to penetrate the sunlight in, brightening the whole area.

Get rid of clutters

Eliminating cluttered surfaces can leave a huge impact on the kitchen. To give a breezier feel, keep the counter space clear, while arranging items in the cupboards or pantry. One of the easiest methods to de-clutter the space is opting for accessible storage solutions. Look for simple, yet functional open shelving or displays to store your kitchen items. Reduce visual clutter by getting rid of ornamental designs, like window coverings, corbels, ornate handles, etc over minimalist decorative pieces.

Play with optics

Feeling suffocated in small kitchen? Worry not! Even a small changes can play a big part; open shelves can be chosen instead of cabinet doors. You can consider adding glass-front doors to get similar effect, if open shelving is very risk for your surroundings. Fix a sliding pantry as a recessed storage option, as you get extra space.

The trend in the modular kitchens has been changing over time and if you’ve small kitchens, no need to cut down anything to make it feel larger. Make use of the above ideas and browse through the designs available online to make your tiny space look and feel more spacious.

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