Things to consider when hiring a furniture storage unit

Renting a furniture storage solution is practical as it saves time and money spent on moving. But hiring a professional storage unit service is not easy. You need to make a list of factors to consider before employing one.

This article saves you the time of making a list by sharing things that you need to consider when hiring a storage unit service. Read through the article to know more.

Factors to consider when hiring a furniture storage unit:

  1. Safety and security

The key factor that you need to check when hiring a furniture storage unit is security. The safety and security provided by the unit play a key role in protecting your personal furniture. A lot of service providers take important steps and go the extra mile in providing security. Some of the security measures that storage unit providers take are gate access codes, state – of –the art surveillance, fire alarms, and hiring professional security guards.

  1. Size and length of time

The size of the storage unit matters when hiring a service provider. Take into account the height and width of the storage unit before finalizing them. Think about all the furniture you need to store and calculate whether they fit perfectly in the space provided.

In addition to this decision on the length of time, you need to store the furniture. Many furniture storage unit companies provide their services for varied lengths. For one such company which provides short and long term furniture storage in Sydney, see

  1. Accessibility and convenience

Storing your furniture at the facility is to get access to it when needed. So check the timing of the facility, see if they are open 24 hours and on weekends. You never know when you need access to the furniture so pick a facility that is open for long duration and on weekends for convenience.

  1. Cost of the services

Money and fee charged by the company for storing your furniture are crucial in making a decision. Check the policy of the company that you want to hire. See if they charge weekly, monthly or yearly. Monthly charging storage units are preferred ones by a lot of customers. And most importantly check to see if the company charges an additional cost for their services. If so, learn how much and why.

  1. Location of the storage unit

Location of the storage service is the fifth factor that you need to consider when hiring one. The location of the storage unit depends on how often you need access to your things. If you need to access your things frequently, then pick a unit closer to home.

  1. Self and full-service units

The last factor to consider when hiring a storage unit is the type of service provided. A full-service unit offers strong security, delivers items at your doorstep but requires prior notice on when you want to access the furniture. But a self-storage unit is flexible; the key for the storage unit is usually in your hands. Also in a self-storage unit, you can access it any time without prior notice.

In conclusion

Learning things to check and look for when hiring a furniture storage unit is vital. We hope this article helps you in picking the best furniture storage unit. You can visit for more details.

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